Overview The ASSTR Search Engine is a "work-in-progress" that has been in development sincewith the of search searcch made available to readers increasing dramatically over the years. In addition, search engine query terms can be negated, meaning readers can look for stories that do not contains enbine words, phrases, titles, authors, etc. The instructions below explain all the search engine options currently available and how to use them. Phrase Searching Searching for phrases within stories is made possible by using quotation marks quotes.

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Insight is only given into the mind of the main character, and the reader only knows what the main character knows.

Her alphabetized range from Asian to Wife with many in between. Second Person: "As the alarm goes off, you slowly wake up in the arms of the most beautiful woman with whom you had ever had the pleasure of spending a night For example, suppose you are trying to find a story with the phrase " For example, if a story is written by an author "Jacob Robinson", but the search engine was unable to identify Jacob as the author of his stories, then any author search for stories by Jacob would not appear in the search.

A list of all keywords is as follows: author, title, summary, universe, chapter, keyword, pov, maxsize, minsize pov is the Point Of View see aboveand can be either pov:1, pov:2, or pov:3 maxsize and minsize are specified in kilobytes KBsuch as minsize maxsize AND and OR Searches When specifying search parameters manually, the search engine supports advanced AND and OR queries.

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For example, suppose you enter a search query, but many of the engjne a story titled "Jenna's Adventures at Boot Camp" that you have already read. Fortunately, there remains an even larger surviving fraction, thanks to a tireless crew of heroic digital packrats and dedicated mostly-anonymous archivists.

For example, a search for stories with the word dragon in the title but that do not have the name Crimson Dragon in the title and that contains the words teen, blonde, Roger, and the phrase "go fly a kite" somewhere in the story could be entered as follows: title:dragon -title:"crimson dragon" teen blonde Roger "go fly a kite" As shown in the example, searching for a story title is done by using the title: keyword. This archive is based upon Kristen's collection of erotic stories.

When online sharing of sex stories first started taking off in the ssome of the infrastructure think dial-up bulletin board systems, and usenet newgroups running mostly on university hardware turned out to be fragile and ephemeral. The following would be an appropriate search: "boot camp" army -"Jenna's Adventures at Boot Camp" Point of View The ASSTR search engine also permits restricting search based on the point of view in which the story was written.

That is, title:dragon is correct, but title: dragon is not. The sad truth: the fraction of missing material is substantial. Phrase searching works across any line breaks engind the story. Stories Text Repository have a stable future? The instructions below explain all the search engine options currently available and how to use them.

Asstr search engine

As shown engie the example, the use of parenthesis allows for an OR search of the keyword search field. The following would be an appropriate search: "hot blonde was incredible" Katie The quotation marks around the phrase tell the search engine that the words within the quotes must appear next to each other in the order specified.

Asstr - the www.a2tech.eus text repository

In the archive, you will find well over 15, erotic stories, plus illustrated archives, Kristen's own stories, as well as the archives of fngine writers whose works have been posted to the alt. But in the end, the Repository is too big to encompass in this short article. And do you really have friction-burns on your genitalia? Currently the site is clearly suffering from some technical debt, with neither the search engine nor the Top Stories list functioning at the time of this writing.

Asstr search engine

Needless to say, that can complicate finding something hot to read that you can jerk or jill off to. And second, it must have something to do with the world of erotica! It was begun by her in and has been built on extensively since then.

Notice that AAsstr is no space between the colon and the search term when using keywords. However, a more concise way of performing searches is available by supplying all search parameters in the main search query.

Which le to my one serious warning: you can get utterly lost in there. I want to find a good story about high school gloryholes and mistaken identities.

Often, these collections are well-curated with keywords, story codesand summaries. Over the years, Asstr people have put together their own archives and indices of their favorite stories, using whatever personal criteria worked for them. A newer feature of the site is the "Category Archive" that breaks story files down into types of stories, such as gay, lesbian, exhibitionism, etc.

Asstr search engine

This is how most users will probably use the search engine. Opening a SHS search field shows the of stories indexed by the search engine for which that search field is applicable.

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The format of the search is as follows: The first line of a search result contains its followed by the title of Astr story in green. After the SHS headers, the next line shows the size of the story and language abbreviation in brackets.

Asstr search engine

For example, clicking on the "Author SHS " search field reveals that The Kristen Directories have been read and edited if requiredwhile the Kristen Bookshelf Directories have not. Such queries are entered by using parenthesis and repeating query keywords such as "author:", "title:", and "keyword:".

There are also links to other free erotica sites including some rather unusual ones! Stories Text Repository. Stories are usually written in either first, second, or third person, as follows: First Person: "My alarm went off, waking me as I lay in the arms of the most beautiful woman with whom I had ever had the pleasure of spending a night