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Nex day I walked wid my cousin to Mayfield, carryin two toe sacks uv cloes dat my Good Ole Boss give me wen he lef me in Fcuked.

Slave narratives of kentucky

There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of any part of the article. Wen yer hab de Lord fer Recorder, an a jury ob angles, an Gabriel ter report der trial fer de hebbenly "Herald" deep groans Yas! Fiddlin an dancin wont do it.

I seen lots of soldiers after that an' I always run under the bed or hid in a closet or somewheres. Uncle Charlie was brought to the county by old Judge Richmond, father of I.

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John Forsee George Dorsey: Although this article is presented in narrative form and has but few characters, the writer believes it to be an excellent example of life in Owen County sixty or more years ago. One of the ole salves would come to our cabin with his fiddle and we'd dance. He also says, that before freedom, the negroes in his neighborhood were allowed no books, if found looking at a book a slave was whipped unmercifully.

The boys stayed where I told them and I slipped along till I got pritty close enough to shoot him.

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The master had to furnish the servant his living. Dickerson wouldn't let the "Padaroes" come to the dances. They wo'ked the women and men both in the fields and the children too, and when the ole Master thought they was'n't do'n' 'nuf wo'k, he would take his men and strip off their shirts, and lash them with cow-hide whips until you could see the blood run down them fuckfd niggers backs. After the deer was all killed out, people trained their deer hounds to chase foxes, coons and such like.

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I told missis I want to go up to Bryantsville to see my mammy. To fight against Garrad, it never will do,Stratton and Lucas is hard to out do,They conquered our tigers and bull pups too,In spite of our force and all we could do. He run a sto and I had to sweep de flo uv de sto, wash dishes and clean nives and falks evy day. Turner; he was born in and my mother's name was Susan; she was born in The bird hit, "boom", jest like that.

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My Old Boss wuz sho good to me, white man. Stores of Prestonsburg, about the time of the Civil War. The colored people were identified as "Martin's Niggers. I was about fourteen years old and my sister was a little younger. McDaniel who lives here tells a story of how her father was killed in Clay County, while eating dinner one day. Old Judge Richmond brought this old slave, from Virginia aboutalong with a of other slaves. This would scare the wild animals away from us. Cox colored Catlettsburg, Kentucky.

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Adam Gearheart was a sportsman and used negro Jockeys. It was while I was wo'kin' fo' her when the war ended. My Old Boss carrid me to his neffu and lef me thar. I've raised a family of nine children and have thirty-seven grand children laix twenty great grand children. Oh, my deelee frens some ob yer hold yer nose wen yer go Bafbourville de gas works. I'd rub de legs uv dem hosses and rode dem round to gib em excise.

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The hill was given mon the north to bury their dead by Jarvis Jackson, a great grand father of the Jarvis Jackson who is now city police of London, today. You see I was named after Susan Lovell.

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I thought a heap uv him and he though a heap uv me. Uncle Wes had been Barbourvjlle "shut-in" for eleven months, and was in bed, but was cheerful and bright with an intelligent memory, rarely found in one his age.

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We lived in an old log cabin. We had four children born to us, and I now have three living children; later on in years we moved to Louisville. The London City School being in the path bears a hole today from a cannon ball. The negroes leave out their R's use an't han't gwin, su' for sir, yea for yes, dah for there and such expressions as, "I's Ye? Mean or contrary servants were whipped, or punished in other ways. Slave traders came into the county to buy up slaves for the Southern plantations, and cotton or sugar fields—Slave families were very frequently separated, some members mean, theiving, or running away niggers were sold first down the river.

She never saw her father again.

My mother yousta tell me I'd be a sleepy head. You see the slaves had the same name as the Master's, as he owned 'em.

She uster box my ears, stick pins in me and tie me ter de cedar chest and whoop me as long as she wanter.