By Rachel Shatto Aug. And it's so exciting to see that blossom into a meaningful relationship. But sometimes, it can feel like those awesome moments are few and far between, and all the swiping can start to feel like a chore.

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You can slow down on dating — or take a complete break. The year-old tells Newsbeat: "When I've been in relationships, my boyfriends tended oof live in separate countries.

If you're single, a constant stream of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on top of an Instagram feed full of beanie-wearing, mulled-wine-sipping couples is enough to leave you feeling like an unwanted present. By Rachel Shatto Aug.

Im sick of being single

But sometimes, it can sijgle like those awesome moments are few and far between, and all the swiping can start to feel like a chore. I don't want to make a fool of myself while getting to know someone. Listen, I get it, I've totally been there — and the longer the funk goes on, the harder it can become to snap out of it. In relationships, I've been expected to do what my partner wanted to do with his friends as opposed to what I would like to do. I'm deliberately being single. And he's not alone - Radio 1 Newsbeat spoke to several people who are rejecting being part of a cosy couple.

As relationship expert Jo Barnett says: "Christmas is not the time to stress about finding a partner.

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Dating apps give us an abundance of options, but we can also just end up with a whole lot of people who aren't a fit, explains Benig Birchstrategic advisor for Plum dating beimg and author of The Love Gap. There were times in my dating life where I thought love was just not in the cards for me. Dating coach Jo Barnett, who is single herself, says anyone who isn't feeling so positive about their single status should forget December dates and wait till the new year.

Im sick of being single

More like this. And enjoy being single while that is your season. I can happily watch Love Actually on my own and not have anyone bothering me.

Im sick of being single

Whether you set a defined time of three to five days, or just decide to take a walk or a hike to clear your head, pushing the pause button on dating will give you a fresh look at the process. Here's what the experts say to remember.

2. realize that good men can be shy too.

It can take years for a spark to stabilize into a long-term relationship. According to Cherlyn Chong, a dating coach who specializes in sixk professional women through their breakups, feeling discouraged about dating is extremely common. Success stories do happen. But, to use Emma Watson's phrase, many people are happy to be "self-partnered" this December.

Why being single does not mean i'm lonely

Chong says not only is that OK, it's totally normal. I'd rather have a few drinks at home with my girlfriends". There really are amazing things about it that you'll probably miss if you're coupled up. It also helps to remember and focus on the more encouraging things about ssingle, because contrary to popular belief, there is plenty of hope.

Towards the end of the year people are tired and, sadly, a lot of people become single at Christmas, so there are more options in the new year. That can feel overwhelming. This is the first festive season in years oc she feels she can travel. Then take a breather, says Birch. We deed Plum with built-in filters to prevent information overload and nonstop browsing, so the search is less exhausting.

This is what therapists tell people who are sick of being single

You've gone from single and loving it, to single and tired of dating. And it's so exciting to see that blossom into a meaningful relationship. Listen to Newsbeat live at and weekdays - or listen back here.

Im sick of being single

Related Topics. So, it seems it's single bells sorry all the way I'm also scared of getting a finger chopped off! While I know that people out sintle are experiencing that love right now, I know I'll experience it in the future.

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Constantly scanning rooms and browsing apps for new dating prospects can make single life less fun. Explore all college has to offer. At Christmas, I always leave London to go home to Ireland, so it can be difficult splitting your time. Or just focus aick one app or in-person dating.

Im sick of being single