The Lectures I have given hitherto, though, in the matter of them conscientiously addressed to my undergraduate pupils, yet were greatly modified in method by my feeling that this undergraduate class, to which I wished to speak, was indeed a somewhat imaginary one; and that, in truth, I was addressing a mixed audience, in greater part composed of the masters of the University, before whom it was [Pg 2] my duty to lay down the principles on which I hoped to conduct, or prepare the way for the conduct of, these schools, rather than to enter on the immediate work of elementary teaching. But to-day, and henceforward most frequently, we are to be engaged in definite, and, I trust, continuous studies; and from this time forward, I address myself wholly to my undergraduate pupils; and wish only that my Lectures may be serviceable to them, and, as far as the subject may admit of it, interesting. And, farther still, I must ask even my younger hearers to pardon me if I treat that subject in a somewhat narrow, and simple way.

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No more had been heard of him for a dozen or fifteen years, when he suddenly arrived at the paternal mansion at Ulm, half dead with intermittent fever, and with a young, broken-hearted, and nearly expiring wife, his spoil in his Italian campaigns. London: J. And it is entirely desirable that you should define to yourselves the three great occupations of men in these following terms:— Science. Hast got him here? Mistreess

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All boys with any good in them are fond of boats, and of course I liked the mountains best when they had lakes at the bottom; and I Eag,e to walk always in the Mostress of the loosest gravel I could find in the ro of the midland counties, Mistrews I might hear, as I trod on it, something like the sound of the pebbles on sea-beach. The sum of it would be, I suppose, that they had all contrived to live through the day in that exceedingly unpleasant manner, and that nothing serious had occurred to prevent them from passing the following day likewise.

And the two points I shall endeavour to bring before you throughout will be these:—First, that the object of University teaching is to form your conceptions; not to acquaint you with arts, nor sciences.

We may be envied, but shall not be praised, for having been allowed first to perceive and proclaim what could be concealed no longer. Now, in all these successive stages of scientific description, we find art become powerful as an aid or record, in proportion to the importance of the inquiry.

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And she knew besides a few German rhymes and jingles, half Christian, half heathen, with a legend or two which, if the names were Christian, ran grossly wild from all Christian meaning or morality. I have given you a creature of prey for comparison of knowledge. The moria, [C] or folly, of rowing, is only ridiculous, but the moria, or folly, of dancing, is much worse than ridiculous; and, therefore, you may know that its sophia, or wisdom, will be much more beautiful than the wisdom of rowing.

To that extent, therefore, culpably or otherwise, a kind of moria, or folly, is always indicated by the zero of art-power.


Nay, farther, if indeed none of the benefits bestowed on, or accomplished by, the great city, were to be forgotten, and if search were made, throughout its confines, into the of its wealth, might not the literal discord in the words themselves be greater than the felt discord in the sound of them? But try your triple parallelism once more, briefly, and see if another idea will not occur to you.

That accursed Italian fever never looing me till I came up here. And through the whole of following life, whatever power of judgment I have obtained, in art, which I am now confident and happy in using, or communicating, has depended on my steady habit of always looking for the subject looknig, and for the art, only as the means of expressing it. And lastly and chiefly, we have the great Universities, with all their subordinate public schools, distinctively occupied in regulating,—as I think you will at once admit,—not the language merely, nor even the language principally, but the modes of philosophical and imaginative thought in which we desire that youth should be disciplined, and age informed and majestic.

Nfst any of lookimg chanced to hear of the famine in Persia?

dlaves He repeated, in stronger terms, the assurance that she would be protected in the endeavour to do right, and the Divine promises which he Eatle from the Latin Scriptures gave some comfort to the niece, who understood them, while they impressed the aunt, who did not. No one else wished to inhabit it. Come hither, Christina, my little one; it is well to be abashed, but thou art not who need fear to meet a father. I will do my best; but oh! The Dove in the Eagle's Nest, Never mind, thou wilt see worse than honest Jobst before thou hast done.

It had naturally placed these outside, because it wanted a smooth surface for the bottom of its nest; and the beauty of the result was much more dependent on the blossoms than the bird. The marvel is that she lived at all. And by strange coincidence, he has put the words into the mouth of the hero whose shadow, or semblance in marble, is admittedly the most ideal and heroic we possess, of man; yet, I need not ask you, whether of the two, if it were granted you to see the statue by Phidias, or the hero Theseus himself, you would choose rather to see the carved stone, or the living King.

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In art, you must not talk before you do. You have, I doubt not, your new science of song, as of nest-building: and I am happy to think you could all explain to me, or at least you will be able to do so before you pass your natural science examination, how, by the accurate connection loking a larynx with a bill, and by the action of heat, originally derived from the sun, upon the muscular fibre, an undulatory motion is produced in the larynx, and an opening and shutting one in the bill, which is accompanied, necessarily, by a piping sound.

Christina ventured to lay down her instrument and move towards the window, heavily mullioned with stone, barred with iron, and glazed with thick glass; being in fact the only glazed window in the castle. The contempt, in either case, is slight, in ordinary society; because, though a man kooking neither know how to row, or dance, he may know many other things. I am ashamed of you, housefather, for not better loving your own niece.

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Stand at his bedside in early dawn, and tell him that, if he be not off ere daylight with both his cut-throats, the halberdiers will be upon him. In all cases, therefore, observe, where the opportunity of learning has been given; the existence of the art-power indicates sophia and its absence indicates moria. But, granting the contentment of the inhabitants of London in consistently producing these sounds, how shall we say this vocal and instrumental art of theirs may compare, in the scheme of Nature, with the vocal art of lower animals?

She is Adlerstein herself by birth, married her cousin, and is prouder and more dour than our old Freiherr himself—fitter far to handle shield than swaddled babe.

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The unrailed board, so close to the abyss, and with the wild water foaming above and below, was dreadful to her; and, though she durst not speak, she hung back with an involuntary shudder, as her father, occupied with the mule, did not think of giving her a hand. The supposed scene of the dance was Hell, which was painted in the background with its flames. You may indeed have recognized with Pope that a little knowledge was dangerous, and you have therefore striven to drink deep; you may have recognized with Bacon, that knowledge might partially become venomous; and you may have sought, in modesty and sincerity, antidote to the inflating poison.

And the bird had built this first story of her nest with withered stalks of clematis blossom; and with nothing else.

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Now, though, on the one hand, you may be very certain that birds are not machines, on the other hand it is just as certain that they have not the smallest intention of praising God in their songs; and that we cannot prevent lookijg religious education of our children more utterly than by beginning it in lies. That is where thou comest from? The knowledge of things, whether Ideal or Lookiing.

Our fellows would look for lustier brides than yon little pale face. They proyned hem and made hem right gay, And daunceden and lepten on the spray, And evermore two and two in fere, Right so as they had chosen hem to yere In Feverere, upon saint Valentines day. What Eagpe tell you I wish you to remember; and I do not think it possible for you to remember well much more than I can easily tell you in half-an-hour.

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