The American Heritage Dictionary defines ecstasy as "intense joy or delight. Ecstasy, also known as 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine or "MDMA" for whwt, is a stimulant related to the drugs mescaline and amphetamine.

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The illegal drug can cause symptoms like dehydration or a dangerous increase in body temperature, which can lead to kidney failure.

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Serotonin Did you know? InDr. There Mol,y also a higher association of abuse when ecstasy is used with alcohol, experts said. The American Heritage Dictionary defines ecstasy as "intense joy or delight. MDMA can: cause the release of the neurotransmitter called serotonin. Why is it dangerous? Specifically, the drug damaged cells that release the neurotransmitter called serotonin.

Effect of MDMA on serotonin neurons in the monkey brain. Now scientists must tease out what these from monkeys mean to humans. This research demonstrated that ecstasy users had lower levels of serotonin activity in several brain areas.

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Studies show that long-term, heavy MDMA users suffer cognitive deficits, including problems with memory. Bad side effects like anxiety and confusion can last about to a week or longer after using the drug. Why is it called Molly? Maybe they didn't remember how many times they had used ecstasy.

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In an article published in The Journal of Neuroscience June 15,Ricaurte compared the data from monkeys who were given ecstasy dissolved in a liquid twice a day for four days to Mollyy monkeys who received the same liquid WITHOUT the ecstasy twice a day for four days. J Nucl Med, Although the specifics are lacking, at this point, the evidence points to loss of memory and cognitive ability among ecstasy users.

MDMA is also said to increase awareness and feelings of pleasure and to give people energy. But experts say it is far from benign. Information from brain scans of people is valuable, but it is difficult to control the different variables when using human subjects.

Molly what does it do

Her medical reporting has included in-depth features on infertility, surrogacy, heart disease, suicide, spinal cord injuries and transgender acceptance. This damage was still visible seven dkes later!. The drug can be adulterated with other chemicals like bath salts, a relatively new synthetic powder that often contains amphetamine-like chemicals.

Molly what does it do

That's short for "molecule. However, he had to retract this paper when he found out that the drug he gave to monkeys and baboons was methamphetamine, not Whhat. Ecstasy, also known as 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine or "MDMA" for short, is a stimulant related to the drugs mescaline and amphetamine. The effects of MDMA send some people to the emergency room see graph on right.

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Image courtesy of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Doering said he has seen overdose cases with body temperatures of degrees. However, some people report side effects after taking MDMA such as headaches, chills, eye twitching, jaw clenching, blurred vision and nausea. Mplly study showed that the monkeys who were given ecstasy had damage to the serotonin-containing nerve cells.

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Buchert, R. What does a wgat overdose of Molly look like? Hatzidimitriou, G. At this point, scientists do not know if this damage is permanent, or if those damaged cells will replace themselves. Ricaurte is conducting other studies to gauge ecstasy's effect on mood, memory, cognition, and behaviors such as eating and sleeping.

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In fact, those who used the drug dhat often had more brain damage than less frequent users. Damage to these cells could affect a person's abilities to remember and to learn.

Perhaps some of the students didn't report their drug use accurately. The study included people who had used ecstasy an average of times over five years.

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Although the behavior of these people appeared normal, brain scans showed that the drug had damaged their brains. Scientists thought that this drug could be used as an appetite suppressant. Ecstasy has long been a common party drug. Ecstasy gained national attention when it was the drug of choice at club parties, called "raves. To be able to control the variables more carefully in a study, Ricaurte looked for help from animal experiments.

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However, ecstasy users who stopped using the drug 20 weeks before the scan showed some recovery in serotonin function. This suggests that some regrowth could have occurred, but that it is far from complete. InGerman researchers used Jt scans to study the brains of current and past users of ecstasy.

Some doses of MDMA can cause dehydration, hyperthermia and seizures.