The turning point Within a year after her first surgery, Pace needed to have another skin cancer removed.

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Pace always has a bottle of sunscreen on her, in her purse or her car. I wasn't worried in the slightest.

The melanoma had spread. I was going to the doctor nearly every day," Pace said.

Need a woman that tans

Today, she's loving the skin she's in, and focusing on thzt fact that pale is healthy. It's a build-up of fluid because of the removal of lymph nodes from my groin. Unfortunately, it didn't remedy the damage she had already done. It didn't hurt or bleed, it was just something new that popped up. Thoughts of having melanoma are with Needd every day - but I'm determined not to let them hold me back.

Anyone aa had a cancer diagnosis will know that it doesn't just attack a certain part of your body, it affects every part of your life and your loved ones. It's been the toughest time of my life, but I'm so thankful I survived it and am still here to try to warn others. I even take my own spray tan on holiday with me. Between using sunbeds and also going abroad six weeks a year, I was putting myself in danger.

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She applies it as soon as she gets out of the shower, all over her body, and reapplies throughout the day. I didn't want to spend a minute on my own. I used to say tas was like a "tonic" - it made me feel more confident and more healthy. I can't shave my leg.

Would I see Christmas? NNeed completely pale. I don't have an addictive personality. I now put on factor 50 sun cream half an hour before I go out, and I cover up from head to toe. Womwn used them for about 10 years, going to a variety of salons and also hiring them at home. I should have been jumping for joy but this is when I came crashing down and started to worry about what else was going on inside me.

Need a woman that tans

But I was never given an "informed" choice. My doctor and the dermatologist both thought it was an insect bite that had got infected.

Need a woman that tans

It was my choice and I'm not blaming anyone for what happened to me. I have to massage my leg twice a day, wear compression garments and avoid getting any insect bites and scratches from animals. At times I couldn't walk properly, I couldn't get in the bath, I couldn't drive and for weeks I had a drain attached to my leg and I had to inject myself every day to prevent any blood clots. At the end of February last year I had a wider excision in the back of my leg and I chose to have a "sentinel lymph node biopsy".

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The turning point Within a year after her first tthat, Pace needed to have tyat skin cancer removed. While making the documentary for the BBC about my experiences, I was able to convince a young woman called Jess to give up using sunbeds. Jess was much like me, being brown made her feel better about herself and she never thought about the consequences. A short history of tanning image copyrightGetty Images For centuries white skin was fashionable as it meant people were rich enough not to have worked outside A pale complexion was achieved in the 17th Century by making a cream from powdered white chalk or white lead, mixed with egg white and vinegar Fashion deer Coco Chanel is believed to have started the trend for tanned skin after she was accidentally sunburned on a cruise to Cannes in Perfumer Jean Patou is credited with creating the first tanning oil, Huile de Chaldee, in Worse still were thoughts about the future - how would my fiance and my mum cope without me?

Remembering the tan mom fiasco

I was in the hands of some of the world's leading melanoma consultants - and I knew I was getting the best care possible from my consultant, Mr Oudit and his team at The Christie hospital in Manchester. I can still be "mahogany", but now I fake it.

Lisa Pace That was when she finally realized she needed to stop tanning and take better care of her skin. My life changed forever when, on 5 FebI got the news of my cancer. On 4 June, a week after major surgery, I was told that no more melanoma was found. It was a big test for me but after overcoming my initial fear, I was able to relax.

The one with ross's tan

Why I regret my years as a tanning addict Published duration 23 February Laura May McMullan spent years under sunbeds and sunbathing on holiday. It felt like a cloud evaporating - I could face whatever was thrown at me, it lifted my spirits and it made me feel good about myself. Not once in all the 10 years did any salon staff give me any advice about my skin, or about the safe level of UV exposure, and there were no information z.

I hugged the consultant and thought that's it - I can get on with my life. Frankly, who cares what I look like. I just think sunbeds have the "power" to tanss you feel good.

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I admit I became addicted. I don't know where that desire came from - I was always pale throughout my school years. I was a tanning addict.

Need a woman that tans

Not once though did it ever enter my head that I could be affected by skin cancer, wmoan alone the deadliest type, malignant melanoma. Along the way, I obviously developed a deeper and deeper tan - so I became used to seeing myself brown, and I didn't like looking pale anymore.

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Being brown was being me. Please don't bury your head in the sand. I received a text message asking me to call the dermatologist who'd done a biopsy a month earlier on a little red spot on the back of my leg. Silly I know, but that's just the way I felt. But I use a spray tan on my face to give me that "healthy glow".