AlwayzchrissyHey yall I am a verified, reviewed, trusted touring provider currently in Roanoke. I was bored yesterday. I am addicted to strip clubs, every city everywhee just recently. Stirp I looked for some here but none so I asked a client. He had never been but knew the name?

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I had a good time. Thanks for the report Gator. Vey very skinny. Like becky, promise, Pandora, etc. Barely a grind here and there.

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VelroyChole actually has up on back in the Richmond area so if she is your type and a 2 3 hour drive and a hotel room isn't beyond your time and means you might want to head that way. RaleighguyHey yall I am a verified, reviewed, trusted touring provider currently in Roanoke. FunLoverInRoaHas anyone else had any experiences like this with crimsin use to be one of my favorites wouldn't mind some more info.

You just have to ask the round about way. As I said just don't carried away. Tyler12I have gotten take out from there on a couple of Roanlke but it takes a lot of getting to know the girls first. Not really sure what that was about but be careful.

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I wish I kept up with the names but some of the girls are a no go. Instead of Roanoe taking the cash, Faith let me have a private party. Yes I did "sugar". PM me. Thanks all. Within 5 minutes of being in there, my little head took over and I was committed to spending the roses but having one hell of a time.

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Happy hunting my friends. I didn't get a dlubs vibe from anyone in there, a few creepy-looking but harmless individuals. She sat me down, and talked to me as we dlubs in mid song. I had extra service from lucky, HJ, a couple of times, I can't remember the total damage but it was substantial; I had extra service from chloe, HJ and nude body grind, couch room but it was a slow night. I also noticed her stomach was wrinkled and deflated looking yikes!

Has Roanoke entered some alternate reality where the escorts and strippers have improved so drastically? The girls were friendly and good looking.

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To hard to get any play in the couch room. Anyone know how to reach Mimi?

To date, I didn't get lucky enough to do a take out, or maybe I still don't srtip how to ask for it. Lots of tats and spectacular natural tits? I actually do want to be some kind of photographer to get something going anyway. The girls that come in early can leave at 11 without having to pay a penalty and those days are by far the slowest. Only a couple bothered to talk to me, but they weren't my Roanome so I politely declined the offer of a private dance.

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Spitfire No take out from Kimber, ever. Kimber is shorter. So by the time we got all comfy and she stripped down to a G-string and took off her bra to expose one hell of a set, half of the song was gone. In my opinion c,ubs was also the hottest one working that night.

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Roa ShadowrideI stop at Gold and Silver tonight. I am sure all of you will understand why.

Yes I have been there 2 time in the last month and she was there. I saw a cute blonde and asked for a private dance, can't remember her name, but around 24 years old. There were a lot of trials and errors.

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All the Girls were quite attractive from a real world perspective, but most were not model material. Just visit the club, get some dances and be sure to leave the bar tender a tip.

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Leave any decent clothing at home. You know them hoes won't pay the electric bill or keep the place maintained. MemberHad a good time? Lots of tats and spectacular natural tits?