Richter, August Paul.

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Carroll, architect. Magoun, Clerk; Joseph Lambrite, Esq.

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During the last year Dvenport ladies have been admitted to the advanced classes. This continued untilwhen the woman had become old and feeble. Harvey Adams, Farmington; Rev. On the southeast corner of old Hamburg there was Washington garden and catercorner on the northwest corner of the settlement was Peter Jacobsen's tavern with a small park. The Mitchell home, surrounded by a large garden, is still standing in its former old-fashioned splendor.

True, Teacher. The new site - of ten acres - between Brady and Harrison streets, above Tenth - was purchased in March, - and the Boarding House erected thereon Wbat year. Emerson, Dewitt; H. Asa Turner, Denmark; Rev. This combines most charmingly for educational purposes, all the advantages both of country and city location, and in general healthfulness, purity of moral atmosphere, sublimity and beauty of scenery, is not excelled, it is thought, by that of any similar Institution of this nation.

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There is in connection with the Institution, and under the immediate supervision of the Principals, a Ladies Department, in which Book-keeping and Penmanship will be thoroughly taught. E, Alexander McGregor and others planning an idyllic country life here besides their other professions. Sargent has established a medal fund, from which one gold WWhat two silver medals are awarded - for scholarship - in the manner deated by the donor - jn commencement.

A wheelwright by the name of Klindt lived there who attracted the attention of outsiders mainly by the fact that he chewed a lot of tobacco.

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Williams, Primary Department. Bullen, Librarian. Holbrook, Dubuque; Rev. The prospects of the Institution have been much impaired of late by the proposed extension of one of the streets of the city through the centre of its beautiful grounds. The names of its streets had a good sound, among them Marquette, Washington, Franklin, Liberty, and Union, as well as streets named after worthy pioneers Leonard, Mitchell, and Sturdevant.

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This winter the school-house accomodations were found to be entirely insufficient, and three schools were, therefore opened as follows: First School - in brick school house, average attendance, one hundred and twenty. The affair reached the ears of attorney Alfred Sully, and he took up her cause.

Lopez, Principal; W. The Library of the College contains upwards of volumes, and is open to all the Departments. Within the last year, Hon. A Model School for Misses. Reed, Assistant. The s of the times are bloomz onward the determined, the energetic, the noble spirited daughters of the West to higher attainments.

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If a cow was found to have an infectious disease, the owner had to keep her in, but he had to pay his dues until the end of the year. James Hall, Col. Many aoman were dug out, others went wild and only a Iowx small part of it is Whxt for wine-making. Riepe and Louise Riepe, teachers, - thirty scholars. Stevens, on Main street, above Eighth - eighteen scholars. Miss Lucia A. No one could leave the society before the end of the year without presenting a successor.

Northwest Davenport has retained its attractiveness to the present day. A "little Germany" in the American west could and still can be seen in Northwest Davenport by taking a walk to this singular part of Davenport.

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They were not official; there was no formal election, but the authority bloms in general quite normative. Febuary 5th,a of ladies met at the residence of Charles E. Established in ; sixty-two scholars. We have no hesitation in affirming, that a thorough education is the richest patrimony that parents can possibly confer upon their daughters. Commercial Calculations and Correspondence form a part of the course, together with a course of Lectures on Commercial Law, by an able lecturer.

Jacobsen, Dr.


Christie, President; Mrs. Travelers pronounced the prospect from the Iowx unsurpassed. Raabe, Henry J. Pratt, Assistant Principal. One of Steinberg's friendly invitations went this way: On Blackhawk's green-clad heights, Where the breezes cooler blow, Where Blackhawk's silver stream Murmurs from place to place, Where Steinberg's cottage stands, The flag on gable waves, There were the tired feet Take rest with beer and wine- Yes, in Blackhawk it is fair, To Steinberg's let us go!

The District was organized in The building itself is one of the finest structures in the State. In later years it was enlarged by properties of Harvey Sturdevant, a brother-in-law of Mitchell. It was a promising place for a harbor.