Over the seven year period, tofemales continued to out males both in the overall of employees and at the supervisory level. The proportion of female to male employees in general, has remained constant. At the supervisory level, there has been a small proportional increase in the of females. However, at the level of both middle managers and senior executive managers, there is now Barguda male more than female in each category. Thus, males dominate in the higher echelons. Again, this points to the possibility that men are being favoured for promotion to the higher levels or if managers are recruited from outside, females fail to compete favourably with men.

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Women in management and decision-making processes in antigua and barbuda: a statistical analysis

Further, common practice seems to Antiggua that the domestic arrangements could be disrupted as a result of job changes and promotion of the male partner, but the same is not the expected practice for the female partner. It is said that Antigua's Family Planning Association, however, has not been very effective in distributing this technology or contraceptive information to those who may have needed help to access it.

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Over the last decade or so, in the Faculty of Law at the Antjgua of the West Indies, from which most of the lawyers in Antigua and Barbuda graduated, the overwhelming majority of students have been female. Indeed, in the Public Service and the Tourism Industry, for instance, they have more than their fair share of jobs.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

At present, almost a decade since the first two were appointed, there are still only two female judges in the OECS. What is surprising is that this trend has continued up to the present, given the fact that in the region, more women are being trained as lawyers than men. Of the member executive then, 6 were female, including the President. As we have seen, this barrier was eliminated in Also, the Intestate Estates Act could have unwelcome consequences for women who are legally married but whose husbands have illegitimate children.

At the supervisory level, there has been a small proportional increase in the of females.

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One source states, however, that the fertility decline in Antigua was not about education so much as "the conjunction of new educational and employment opportunities for women Antigua's economy, along with other nations in the Caribbean, is being badly affected by the ending of preferential trade agreements with Europe. Also that women's availability for promotion and movement are dependent usually on their domestic arrangements. By that time, about fifty-seven off-shore banks had been established.

State Department Human Rights Report says that the government has promised for some years to provide better programmes of all sorts, including family planning services, "but has failed to implement any new programmes during Antiigua The current Speaker of the House is female, the first Ajd Speaker Womne the history of the nation. This is also true today.

As mentioned under Article 12 below, there is some doubt that education, in itself, was a ificant factor in the rapidly declining fertility rate in Antigua that began in the s. The president was also a female.

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The question has to be asked: why do women fail to reach the top managerial positions in so many spheres of life? The Directorate of Gender Affairs, through a project called, "Women's Political Participation: Training in Governance and Democracy", funded by the Organization of American States inhosted a series of training workshops and other activities that highlighted the need Barbuuda women to be partners in the Barbuva of Antigua and Barbuda.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

It has over members and controls, to a high degree, the teaching profession. But though they give excellent support at the grass roots level and are regarded as great organizers of party rallies, meetings, fund-raising events and so on, their presence in the ruling structures of political parties is not as strong as it should be.

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The members of POWA have used the media time and time again to advance the cause of women. Since Antigua is reporting to CEDAW for the first Barvuda, one would have expected at least some discussion of the important social legislation that has been passed since its independence from Britain in Of course, in reality, this is not the case. Some of these doctors who are employed by the Government are allowed to engage in private practice as well.

Antigua Commercial Bank, Unpublished statistics, According to one source, 4. Between andAntigua's food import bill nearly doubled. Similarly, the Head Nurse at the only private medical centre mentioned above is female.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

Antigua, where the bulk of the country's 66, or so people live, takes about ninety minutes to cross, from top to bottom. There is a hotel training school run Barhuda the Ministry of Tourism, but IWRAW was not able to determine in time whether this school has targeted women for higher level training or has a quota of any kind.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

However, there has been an increasingly loud clamour for women to be more equitable represented in all aspects of political leadership. Of its 25 executive members, only seven are female but the 3rd Vice-President, the Treasurer and one Trustee are female.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

There are NGO-initiated efforts in Antigua to provide alternative secondary or continuation programmes to teenage mothers, but it is unclear how much support there is for these programmes in government. It was only in that two women judges were appointed for the first time to the member body.

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There are a of prestigious management positions in the Medical Profession. Hotel ownership in Jamaica and Barbados, for example, has passed mainly into local hands. Of the total of doctors, 32 are Government employees - five females and 27 males.

The Member of Parliament elected from Barbuda and the Senator appointed from Barbuda both have the right to sit on the Council. The other nine members of the Barbuda Council are elected every four years.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

E: Women in Management in Politics 1. In the elections to council that were held in April,no woman was put forward by any party. Antigua State College, Unpublished Statistics, Aspiring women politicians say time and time again that the greatest barriers and stumbling-blocks to their progress come from women themselves Osoba, The Directorate of Women's Affairs has apparently achieved very little.

When we examine the Judiciary, there is some female representation, albeit very low. Thus, males dominate in the higher echelons. It goes on to say that "the Government is currently in the process of appointing adquate staff to facilitate effecting functioning of this body.

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In the last General Elections inno woman was put forward as a candidate by either of the two major parties, neither did any run independently. In Surinam about twenty percent of households are headed Barbuca women. In late March,one more female senator was appointed which brings the total of female senators to five. Although Antiguq does produce food for local consumption, agriculture and industry only for about twenty percent of GDP, while services are almost seventy-five percent.

If the U.